Pro Whitening Pen

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Embark on a teeth whitening journey with Sunshine White. Reveal your whitest and brightest smile from the comfort of your own home.

The Pro Whitening Pen is a portable and practical solution to teeth whitening on the go. Our dental grade (10X) formula sets the standard for home teeth whitening. Containing the same key ingredient used by your dentist, you can take us home - cosmetic dentistry, in a box. Our whitening gel is fast acting, addressing the deepest and toughest stains, leaving your teeth visibly whiter and brighter after the first application.

100% guarantee on results or your money back.

  • 1 x Pro Whitening Pen.
  • Up to 10 Shades Whiter, Clinically Proven.
  • Non-abrasive & Safe to Use.
  • Our whitening gels comply with Australian legislative and dental standards, coupled with FDA approval in the United States.