Pro Whitening Kit – How it works!

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Pro Whitening Kit – How it works!

Our Pro Whitening formula contains the same key ingredients that dentists use for their in-chair whitening sessions. The main active ingredient, Hydrogen Peroxide, was discovered to whiten teeth completely by accident when dentists originally used it in rinses to treat gum disease. Hydrogen Peroxide is able to effectively and safely penetrate tooth enamel where it oxidizes, producing lots of little oxygen molecules. These oxygen molecules then react with any discolouration on your teeth breaking their molecular bonds. This removes the discolouration, resulting in whiter and brighter teeth.

Our whitening gels comply with the strict Australian legislative requirements and ADA standards, coupled with FDA approval in the United States. These compliances mean that our dental grade formula not only works, it also won’t cause any damage to your gums or enamel when used as instructed.

Our LED light has been designed to work in conjunction with our whitening formula to help accelerate the teeth whitening process, producing the oxidization and reaction process required to assist in removing tougher teeth stains.

To safely and effectively get your whitest and brightest smile yet, purchase your Sunshine White Pro Whitening Kit today.



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